Thursday, April 13, 2017

just tinkering around...

Well it's that time of year again.Fashion walk dates have already been announced, and i hope to make it out to a few of them. The upcoming dates serve as motivation to keep making new things.

I'm not really sure about what I'll wear, but I really want to include something I made in each outfit. Here's a choker inspired by magical girls. 

I'm also working on a ... well at first it was a vest. Then it was a cropped top, but I think I'll something on the bottom to fill out the sillohette. (So it's not really a cutsew, but it kinda is)

oh! I also made this bag<3 I used the same process that i used for making my mori kei bag, except this one has interfacing to add shape, and making it a little more sturdy. I've added a pony, and might add a couple of bows, and ribbons.

Monday, April 10, 2017

what now...? (magical girls? pt1.)

Lately I've re-realized my love of old school magical girls. I've talked a little about magical girls before, but I've been designing some magical girl outfits and have been thinking about this particular genre a lot, (As for aesthetic and lifestyle... well that's a bit of a complicated thing to explain. Yes I like pastels, yes a natural look is also something I like, and lets not forget my darkly inclined self while we're at it. The fact of the matter is that I'm a multifaceted person with a million and one interests. However, for the sake of making a (somewhat) cohesive blog, I will be sticking to the general pastel aesthetic. If you are interested in my Mori kei/dark mori blog just click me.)     ANY-WHO-WAYS back to magical girls. I've been thinking about just sewing a bunch of clothes that are inspired by old school magical girls (Card captor Sakura,Creamy Mami, sailor moon...) A lot of the characters have really cute clothes even before they transform.So then I started to think "Well, why not look up how to draw shoujo manga clothes, and expand my ideas from there." So I've been looking over some of my favorite outfits (magical girl uniform, and casual alike) and realized that, with some tweaking, I could some pretty nifty paces. My overall goal is to make magical girl clothing that doesn't look like cosplay... main because it won't be. If  I can figure this out, my whole wardrobe will consist of magical girl clothes, mori kei/dark mori, and work wear.I don't have the budget to invest in anymore than three different types of fashion styles, so I'll just have to stick to those three and get creative. So aside from school/work/life I've really just been brainstorming. I'm not sure how anything will come together, and a premature post on something I'm this interested in is not really something I want to do.That being said, I should still keep up this blog. (If not for fun, then for the mental oversize of writing)

TL;DR: That was a lot of Hoopla just to say ... I think I want to be a magical girl...

I've made a pinterest board (Located on the right side of the blog) to give me some inspiration on where to start. I always get excited for a new project.I suppose I shouldn't say that I want to be a magical girl,but rather that I want to express that particular interest of mine. This way I don't close myself off with a whole bunch of unnecessary labels. I mean we all know what happens when you rely on labels too much, right?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

This isn't Goodbye.

I'm sure many of you who actively watch Youtubers hear "I'm sorry i haven't uploaded in a while, life has been hectic", right? Well that is more true than you know. I'm not going to give some sob stories, or make this post lengthy. It's better to do this quick and efficiently than to waste time. (Bad news is like a band-aid in that way.)

I'm deleting ?purging   editing my Youtube. Yup. I've been thinking about it, and it's the best thing for me to do You may be asking "why?"
. well here's a list.

  1. I haven't uploaded a video in FOREVER!!!!!! I,  As I mentioned in a previous post just do not have the means to edit videos.
  2. The videos I've kept and have holding onto just in case I get the right editing software is now cluttering up all my external hard drives. I just don't have the space to keep holding onto them anymore
  3. I need to focus on school. As many of you know, I'm still in school, and the next three semesters will be the hardest ones yet. I don't want to get in front of a camera after class and homework has worn me out. 
  4. I'm already nervous in front of cameras , so this+reason three= poor quality videos
  5. I have to work on my image for careers. Yes, alas, My career field is not known for colorful clothes. Interpreters wear all black, dark blue, and if you're feeling really carefree even brown! Clothes that are visually stimulating can distract whomever you're conversing with. (Ha ha ha, my writing always gets very formal when I think about work) The best way to understand the formal attire of an interpreter is with one of my favorite sayings. "You should speak clearly, carefully, and above all, your clothes must never be louder than your voice." (I'm not sure if I should use quotation marks around my own phrase. I suppose I'll have to look it up later) 
  6. now you might be thinking "well you still have your blogs, will you take those down too?" No. There aren't very many people who read blogs, but there's enough. I can still share my ideas and connect with people, I just won't be reaching as large of audience as I'm reaching with my videos. This is, in a way far better for me. I like the conversations and hearing what my followers have to say, and getting to know them. I like knowing that there is always someone who can teach me new things,  or shares my interests and that they're somewhere out there. I like know that the only thing I have to do to see that the kawaii community that i'm in isn't so small after all is talk/type/post. I'm just not the type of person who could handle large people following me. I know 150 followers isn't much to some people. But It is to me. I mean... I doubt if i even have 150 friends on my facebook. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate everyone of you. Thank you for helping me to get out of my shell, giving me feedback and inviting me to events that I probably would've never gone to (I'm an extreme homebody) To be honest, you guys are the reason I kept holding onto the videos that haven't been posted. I know it sounds cheesy, but I would't quite posting LOOOOOOONG time ago if it wasn't for you all, so thank you. But let's get down to business shall we?
  7. a series of personal matters have just made posting ....uncomfortable? I'm sure there's a better word... (I'm not sure how to explain this without giving out too many detail, so If this sounds vague ,then nothing, This the best way it can be put) . Things ranging from health concerns to small inconveniences have worn me out to the point of me just not caring... about anything. I go to school/work come home and crash. It's really all I can do aside from write
  8. I'm sure if you've seen the INTJ personality jokes you will notice that feelings aren't a coveted trait. the only reason I share feelings on this blog, is because I need practice, and/or  it is a part of an explanation.) Everything I do has a purpose (even if it doesn't seem like it)  That being said, having the constant thoughts of how I haven't uploaded in a while swirling in  the back of my head is not something I need. The purpose of my YT channel was to relives stress, not to cause it. I find that measuring somethings purpose and it's results generally leave me with two options. If it works and serves its purpose, continue. If not, then there's not point in continuing. Jumping over these minor hiccups like hurdles will eventually be rewarding, however I'm running the chance that next minor hiccup could also be the straw that breaks the camel's back. 
  9. I can use that time to get more active in my community. I really want to write for DCkawaiistyle, or maybe start a meetup group for mori girl (I have so many ideas for this... no, really. I have a binder of places to go, meetup times, transportation, but i'm not sure how to start a whole meet up group. hmmm....research time!!!!) Or maybe I could open up my own online store (that takes research too, but i'm already taking some classes about it, so that's good) 
TL;DR I could use my time more wisely elsewhere.

I will be deleting all  most of my videos soon. All other videos will be unlisted, which means that you need a code to view them. The codes will be posted in the blog post associated with the video. I'll also keep my facebook page up for new blog post updates. (Let's be honest, You're probably the first to know anything if you follow this blog and not my FB page)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sanrio's Fresh Punch Shoulder Bag Unboxing

So I just bought this really cute bag from the sanrio store.

Image result for Fresh Punch Shoulder Bag: Embroidered Stripe saniro

It took about 2-3 weeks arrive after ordering.

A little monster to hide my home address

 Packaging. simple, but cute

 It even comes with a strap so you can wear it across your body (I prefer this than holding onto a handbag.)
 POCKETS!!!! I love pockets!!!
It kind of reminds me of creamy mami. It's pretty sturdy and can hold a fair amount of things considering the size. There are silver snap buttons on the both sides, and a magnetic snap button used to close the purse. The design on the front is embroidered and feels super soft! It has punch, candy, and lipstick with an embroidered badge that says fresh punch in the top left corner. I absolutely love the pink and white stripes. <3